Qeyleb's Quotes TriOptimum

2005.03.10 -- The final stage arrives.

The pages all work, as far as I can tell. Note, this data is not real time and should probably not be used for financial decisions.

The new Find page works well, too.

It starts to work!

2005.03.03 -- Stage 3 is here.

The pages work; they look up and display stock quotes from the SPU CS mySQL database.

Layout is really stupid at the moment. Next week we polish it up.

The work continues!

2005.02.24 -- Stage 2 of our webpage is coming into shape.

Soon this will be a page that can work with a mySQL database to look up stock quotes, and with that print out stock data and history.

The Quote text box and buttons 'only sort of' works yet; it is a placeholder until Phase 3

It begins!

2005.02.10 -- Following some help I've found on the web, I've come up with an imitation of another quote site, but using CSS.

Mind, this is only a beginning framework as I learn things. We'll be adding more stuff soon, and I'll be tweaking with things along the way.

and if the page is not displaying correctly, I messed up somewhere [this is a work in progress until the deadline]